Universal Flail Shredder

The Newhouse Universal Flail Shredder is suitable for cutting grass hay, rice straw, cornstalks and other crop residue. Choose from the standard knife design or optional hard faced knife. Sizes range from 15 ft to 24 ft models.

The hood and doors are constructed of wear-alloy material for long-lasting durability. Rear doors have been added to allow you to run with the doors closed for a very fine chop or open in back for broadcasting. Doors can also be fully opened, allowing easy access to the drums and bearings for maintenance and flail replacement. Finger grates made from long-lasting AR400 wear plate are standard on all machines. This allows for a fine chop, and results in a machine that is less prone to plugging. Shredders come with a standard chain deflector, or optional belt and chain deflector.

HD machines have a heavier drum, with larger flails that pivot on a 1" pin instead of a 5/8" bolt. *22-foot and 24-foot flail shredders are not available in 2000 RPM.

Flail Shredder Brochures


ModelU1550 / U1550HDU1850 / U1850HDU2050 / 2050HDU2250 / U2250HDU2450HD
Number of flails176208224240256
Overall Width207”243”267”292.5”316.5”
Cutting Width180”216”239.5”265”289”
Approx. overall height w/o jacks & wheels39”
Depth w/o depth wheels & hitch64”
Gear box rating280HP
Flail rotor RPM1680/2000*
Flail tip speed FPM/MPH at 1949 RPM14,006/159
Total number of belts12