Mini-Tub Distiller

The Mini-Tub Distillation Unit is a 72 cubic foot tub on wheels featuring a food-grade stainless steel interior. Designed to be transported to the field, the Mini-Tub is filled from the top with plant material. Once filled, it is brought to the distillery where it is attached to the condenser and boiler. After distillation, the Mini-Tub can be wheeled out of the distillery and using your tractor’s hydraulics, automatically dump the spent plant material out the rear of the tub. It is recommended that two Mini-Tubs be purchased for efficiency. While one Mini-Tub is distilling, the other can be dumped then refilled.

A complete distillation unit includes:

  • Two Mini-Tubs
  • Boiler (40HP low-pressure steam generator)
  • Condenser and receiving can (essencier or separator)
  • Feed water tank, plumbing, feed water pump
  • Components necessary for installation

Contact Newhouse for Pricing.
Due to custom installation choices, prices vary.
Prices are FOB Redmond, Oregon.
Crating fee applies.
Freight and Crating extra.

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